joBeer Cups

Our new beer lover's product launched this year is joBeer. Did you ever wish you had room for a shot under your beer glass? Well, your wishes have come true. The joBeer has a shot glass build into the bottom of the cup. 

The only one you need for coffee, beer, tequila, or any other beverage.  

You'll get a set of two 18 oz polypropylene cups are lightweight and BPA free.  

The ribbed body keeps your hands cool even when it's holding your hot joe. The soft silicone top is smooth as silk to drink from.  

Shot glass markings for 2 and 3 oz shots. 

Freeze water in the shot glass, and beer actually gets colder as you drink!  

Stash limes or a shot of tequila securely in the base, with no leaks.  

Lightweight, fits in cupholders, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Set of two