Highwave Ocean Energy

Wave energy conversion attempts near the beach are less common but do have the most success in the global quest to capture wave energy. Efforts over the last decade have been focused in the deeper water when researchers in the late1970’s used probes that found more energy further offshore. Offshore in deeper water does have more energy but now lots of proof of the difficulty for good results in deeper water.

Offshore grid connection has become the global standard for wave energy conversion efforts over the last ten years. It was hoped that the extra energy offshore would be easy to capture to justify the extra cost and effort to transport the energy back to the shore, however, disappointing results must question assumptions and consider alternatives.

Lower energy near the shore can be blamed on refraction where resistance of the bottom turns all swell energy from all directions to the direction of the shore. Refraction takes some energy but why not let nature assist for the potential to harvest energy from just one direction.

Offshore devices underestimated the challenge of capturing energy from most all directions of the compass. Wave energy easily sorts itself out in different elevations in the deeper water as it passes above or below energy from other directions in a dynamic fashion. This adds to the challenge to capture energy in deeper water.

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